Saturday, March 15, 2008

Go Baby - Lupe Fiasco

Where my ladies at,
I said where my ladies at
Let's find somewhere we can go crazy at,
and for you baby I'll be your maniac
Hey Hey Hey Hey
And you dont have to worry about nothing
Cause every time i see you, baby you'll be rolling with me
l Oh I'll be on the side lines
rootin for my dime
holdin up my sign
and it say

Chours :
Go Baby WOO WOO ( x16 times )

There my Lady at
I say there my lady at
Thats my honey
if i giver her money
she don't have to pay me back
no you don't gotta pay me back
Hey Hey Hey Hey
And ill forever give my love
Cause when I'm down you always put a smile on me
And when all my strengths up
and I'm about to give up
And I need a lift up
I'll hear you say


She loves me
She loves me more
Amor me shes assures
She adores me
Even when its up and down like sea-saw

Surely we can start from scratch like default
When they say your not my baby like Maury
You can tell em that they tellin a story
Testify like your tellin a jury (ya dig?)
and ill repeat like it you said it before me
we undefeated like a veteran army
we as heavy as an elephant aren't we?
lets Take em to a zoo or better yet a safari
They want me to leave my dame like the fella from Marcy
but we go back like a set of ataris
From Baby fat to we skeletons darlin
Me starin you what it says in the marque
So lets go give em a show
On (all) my heart, get set go!


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