Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why Can't You Forgive Me - Michael Dean Church

We forgave yoko ono
when the beatles broke up
and went there seperate ways
We forgave no show George jones
for kicking back at home
when he should have been on stage
Nixon Clinton, Pee-Wee Herman,
they got off scott free,
oh why cant you forgive me
We Forgave Milli Vanilli,
We forgave Willie for cheating the IRS
Miss Field Goal Kicks and the Dixie Chicks
For all that Political Mess
Justin, Janet,
Every lawyer on the planet
all the crap thats on TV
Oh Why cant you forgive me

Was it really all that bad
Were we really all that mad,

I say live and let live
Forget and Forgive
Its all Water under the Bridge

Repeat Chorus
Well you forgave your momma for all her drama
You forgave your sister too
Your hairdresser you dont hate her for messing up your DOO
Honey I love you didnt mean to hurt you,
I'm sorry baby Please
Oh why cant you forgive me
Runnaway Bride those fema guys
they got off scott free
Oh why cant you forgive me

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