Saturday, October 20, 2007

Papercut - Roz Bell

What you’ve got to say
I don’t want to hear
Unless that thing you say
Is how you need me here
I know I’ve rolled around
I didn’t treat you right
You said you’ve played the clown
But you’re the queen tonight

Don’t say we’re breakin’ up
Cause I can’t believe we’re not makin’ up
It’s so small
We got a papercut
That’s got you feelin’ like
Maybe we’re not meant to be no more

Can’t we just make love
If only one last time
You said you’ve had enough
I want to change your mind
I know I’ve rolled around
But baby, how I’ve grown
It hurts to let you down
So baby, please don’t go


Listen here, let me clear my throat
I was good to you, don’t rock my boat
Maybe we could take this next step slow
But if you don’t wanna, baby, just say so
Permanently, got me goin’ insane
Why would you ever wanna fuck with fate
I was down for love, but you stole my cape
I thought Wonder Woman wouldn’t act that way


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