Saturday, October 20, 2007

Matthew's Magpie - Lupen Crook

Magpie, magpie leave me alone
I have a wife and a child at home
Find your own way little bird, this aint that you thought I heard
This aint that that you deserve (x2)

I read the book and I found the way
I picked the feather from the devil and he say
Matthew (that is not my name)!
Matthew (that is not my name)!
That is not my name!
There's men that I've cursed and there's women that I've killed
There's children that I've loved and there�s bridges that I've built
Enter the man with the wand in his hand
The truth and the crack and the wonky top hat

And say 'Magpie magpie join me in hell
I've been twenty-three years here by myself
And all of my friend's I've been looking so green
Like grass on the other side of a great bloody stream'
Saying life is often likely too

I say no way, fuck that, I'm a suicide cat

So magpie magpie, the devil and his wife,
Settling down for dinner, for a glass of the red wine
What say he this is bitter pie, they serve you lightly politely in time
I visit nightly deciding the crime
Life is often likely to
If a bird as black as that has been following you

And saying magpie magpie how can you tell
Magpie magpie join me in hell
With all of the murders and all of the birds
I shit you not Britain you get what you deserve!

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