Friday, March 21, 2008

Be With You - Nils Van Zandt



Just wanna be with you

First Couplet:

Another make-up after our fight
And thinkin' hold me for the night
Dancing stars that shines so bright
Feeling oke, so take me to the light

My feelings grows to something strong
and didn't know whats going on
but One thing for sure i know it's true
Just wanna be with you

Just wanna be with you its true
And no matter what you do
Just stay with me , lets take me now
So hold me tight i'll show you how

Couplet 2:

Butterflies flying in the air
Im gonna kiss you and i just don't care
Carring for you is just my clue
Just wanna be with you


Underloop soft: be with you
just wanna be with you
Don't you get the clue
Are you with me
I said are you wiht me

So tell
Can you feel me
Can you hear me
Will you touch me
Will you please me
Just wanna be with you .....

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