Monday, January 7, 2008

Haunted - Room 2012

Every step I take
I see your face
In each window pain
In a house without your light
Just don�t feel the same
If my mind could speak
What my heart would say
I'll let it be and go away

Midnight�s gone
And it�s been too long
Now I'm a shadow of myself
You left me wanting nothing else
In this house

This house is haunted
Since you left me, baby
This heart is broken
And I�m going crazy
The scent of you
Left me so consumed
Your presence is in every room
My heart is haunted
Everything I wanted
Left with you, baby
I�m haunted

Your silhouette is gone
It had to fade
But I still feel you here
Angels never cry
Rain won't subside
Am I feeling heaven�s tears?
My soul can't leave what I used to need
And it's more than I can throw away

Another sun has set
But I can�t forget
Deep inside I feel the pain
Cause I won�t see you back again
In this house


There�s nothing left anymore
Gotta let you go
No shame, no hurt, no more
I gotta let it go (oh yeah)

Chorus 2x

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