Tuesday, November 13, 2007

And No Matches - Scooter

When I'm fresh off the plane
And I'm going insane
Like I just had a bottle of champagne

Diggedy Diggedy Paul
Ready for another soul
I just wanna let you know

I put the beats freaks' industries
Lick on the brick
And sweet chicks on I check
Gonna split with the wet

jumping crew
how are you
This sound is new
it's true
and this is your cue

What can I do do do
How are you you you
When I jump all night
On the dancefloor
I say one-two-three
Just like you and me
Gonna jump like I
Never did before

Come on
Let it roll and jump
Roll and jump

I put the beats freak industries
Hotter than hot
Full on the spot like a gunshot
No longer tough
Red stop green goes stereo
Everybody knows
I'm gonna make them go


You know what
I don't know either

Alright, listen
Three men in a boat with four cigarettes
And no matches
How do they manage to smoke

Here we go again


Coffee isn't my cup of tea

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

isn't it show instead of "soul" in the first verse?